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Company Vision and Values


We help meet the world’s demand for food by supplying natural fertilisers, knowledge and services to food producers so as to minimise environmental harm while building business and regional sustainability.

Our corporate and product integrity is based on our Rigorous Science and commitment to environmental and commercial sustainability. We are proud to be known for our Grower Friendly approach to doing business and that our staff and stakeholders know that we operate in a WorkSafeTeam environment.

Rigorous Science

We are committed to improving soil and plant health by leveraging our access to proprietary resources and technologies.

All our products are backed by extensive product trialling that involves growers and that uses clear and appropriate scientific principles and methods.

We know that fertiliser products have a direct impact on our environment; we aim to minimise negative environmental impacts through our R&D, product suite and customer servicing.

We are committed to providing high quality products that meet the diverse needs of multiple market segments.

We invest annually in ongoing research and development.

  Grower Friendly

Our grower customers and clients are our lifeblood, big or small we are committed to ensuring they find value in our product and our sales and support services.

We strive to meet our customers’ needs by providing clear product information and recommendations to complement our products, involving them in trials and welcoming feedback.

We work with our customers to implement long term sustainable farming solutions that make environmental and commercial sense.

Our product labels and all company documentation are user friendly and written in "plain English".

We recognise that every situation is different and we are happy to provide individual service and recommendations wherever possible.


We recognise that our staff and customers work in high risk environments; we take work safety seriously and will not put our staff or customers at risk.

Working together as a team we will strive to create a safe working environment that is enjoyable for staff and customers.

We are ethical and professional in all our dealings, we value our independence.

We are committed to the development of our staff and to helping them achieve their professional goals.

We work in regional communities and contribute to rural and regional success.