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About Us


Featherston Resources Limited (FRL) is a New Zealand resource company, diatomite exporter and manufacturer of high grade natural and compound fertilisers and soil conditioners under its main product brands Adveco® and Home-Gro™. FRL has exclusive access to a unique resource in New Zealand which is the key ingredient in its range of naturally derived fertiliser and soil conditioning products along with an expanding range of industrial products.

Group Operations

The FRL Group manufactures and supplies a suite of soil conditioners and fertilisers to agricultural and horticultural markets primarily in Australia and New Zealand, as well as supplying diatomite as an industrial mineral for export. The FRL Group of companies includes its New Zealand and Australian wholly-owned operating subsidiaries Envirofocus Limited and Adveco Fertilisers Pty Ltd.

Adveco® products are organic and blended fertilisers and soil conditioners which use as a key ingredient FRL’s exclusive source of fertiliser-grade black diatomite, which has high levels of opaline or amorphous silica and organic carbon, including humates and fulvates. FRL diatomite is distinctive in composition and is mined at FRL’s mine sites in the South Island of New Zealand.

With a rigorous and extensive R&D and trial program, the FRL Group is focussed on delivering commercial outcomes for users. In addition, our products have proven disease suppression characteristics. The FRL Group has conducted a large trial program across Australia and New Zealand centring on grain (particularly wheat and sorghum), cotton, kiwifruit, stonefruit, pipfruit and environmental/soil improvement trials. It has also recently commenced trials with rice, sugarcane and turf farms.

Our Products

FRL’s range of organic and blended fertilisers for the horticultural, broadacre grain and home gardener markets (Adveco®, Adveco® Max and Home-GroTM) have soil conditioning and moisture retentive properties as well as high levels of carbon and silica. NPK levels are balanced, aligned to plant needs and are delivered with important trace minerals.

Adveco® fertilisers combine the benefits of soil conditioners which target soil and plant health and fertilisers which promote plant growth and yield in one easy to apply product. The FRL Group is focussed on sustainable and cost effective production and supply allowing farmers to address environmental concerns without compromising commercial outcomes. FRL’s products have unique advantages over conventional fertilisers and are a new generation of fertiliser that meets the continuous and growing global demand for food in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

The FRL Group also produces natural soil conditioners which can be used as stand alone soil amendment and conditioning products or in conjunction with fertiliser to enhance plant and soil performance. The FRL diatomite base encourages micro flora, fauna and worm population growth and stimulates soil activity.

The Future

The FRL Group is committed to achieving significant retail and export growth as part of our fertiliser and industrial minerals sales programs. With our strong technical grounding, modular and scalable plant design and significant resource base, FRL has the capability to supply key markets for the long term.